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Human Resource Management is one of the most important functions in a company. A defined documentation and record system is essential to create a framework for managing employees; a well developed employee incentive scheme is also essential and it is vital to constantly be aware of employee well-being - and much more.

In ISOEMO we have developed an employee incentive scheme aimed at the achievement of targets by all departments in the company. The system works successfully and is adapted to the company regulations.

To acquaint you with the quality of the ISOEMO team's work, each of the functions, either individually or in a customised package, can be provided as a stand-alone service.

We work in our clients' companies and organize activities which have a positive influence in helping the workforce to bond. These include days out in the countryside, sporting and recreational events and other activities within and outside of the company.

ISOEMO develops individual programmes for production personnel. Frequently it is necessary to train new employees regarding both production problems and standards of behaviour in the workforce.

Every manager wants the information and documents inside the company to remain confidential and to be prevented as far as possible from being taken outside the company. Every manager is interested in ensuring that, in the case of disagreements with employees upon their dismissal and/or unjustified claims for additional payment, all disputes, including those taken to court, are resolved in favour of the employer.

To achieve this result we have, over the years, developed and carefully refined, a specific procedure for taking on employees. Alongside this, hundreds of necessary documents and contracts have been devised which are signed by the candidate upon taking up employment and which protect the rights of the employer against the unfounded claims of ill-advised workers.

The system of documentation and legal documents developed within ISOEMO has been proven by more than 10 years' experience under the constantly changing legislation of the Russian Federation.

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