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ISOEMO offers huge experience (more than 10 years') in the management of companies in different sectors.

The company's infrastructure enables it to fulfil a whole list of functions necessary in any business. We offer separate services such as legal, accountancy, selection and training of personnel, development and introduction of incentive schemes, as well as complete running of the company in accordance with the strategic aims of the owners.

Almost all different kinds of companies throughout the world have the same structure. Every company has a marketing department, sales department, office administration department, accounts department, general administration department and an IT department. Even if several departments are missing, or the company consists of just two people, nevertheless the functions of these departments are carried out either by one of the partners, perhaps you personally or outsourced.

A separate aspect of our activity is the management of companies in crisis and development of strategic programmes.

For international companies who want a presence in the Russian market, both for export of their products, and for organisation of their own production, ISOEMO provides organisation of branch offices and affiliated companies, starting from scratch. We begin with a search for suitable premises to rent or purchase, organise cooperation with customs authorities, and proceed to the construction of logistics chains, organisation of sales, and cooperation with Russian administrative bodies, who have, as is well known, their own far-from-simple characteristics.

In contrast with consulting companies (both international and Russian), we do not get involved with empty talk and preoccupation with paperwork, and do not take money for "fresh air" or (in the best case) for paper smeared with ink. Instead, we ourselves do all the real work, i.e. we perform all the direct activities needed to achieve results, for which we accept responsibility in accordance with the conditions of the contact.

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