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ISOEMO specializes in legal services, both for companies and for managers, in all fields of law.

To acquaint you with the quality of the ISOEMO team's work, each of the functions, either individually or in a customised package, can be provided as a stand-alone service.

Our services include: registration of a company and a branch office in Russia; registration of intellectual property rights; exercise of due diligence related to large transactions; representation of a client's interests in the courts and governmental bodies; registration of property rights; detailed consultation on the application of Russian legislation; participation in negotiations etc.

We also take on all the back office work of a client's company, such as drawing up or checking contracts with contractors, preparation of claims and resolving local legal questions. For this, if required, an ISOEMO lawyer is assigned to the client's office.

In contrast with the majority of legal services companies, ISOEMO has a wealth of experience in the executive and strategic management of companies, including those in which its own capital is invested. Therefore we approach each matter as if it were our own. We don't just provide one service, but try to take in all the related problems; this gives a more complete picture and avoids mistakes and financial losses for the client in collateral matters.

It is well known that legislation in Russia is not perfect, and neither is its implementation. With this in mind we particularly take into account the "Russian Factor" in the conduct of business. We don't just provide "theoretical" legal assistance, divorced from reality. Our actions and recommendations are always based on a wealth of practical experience.

Experience of dealing with international companies, knowledge of the legal nuances in different countries, and also knowledge of international law, all ensure peace of mind and effective cooperation for the client working with ISOEMO.

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