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We provide a service for international companies to open branch offices and production facilities in Russia, with a interim management taking on the responsibility of the company entering the market, i.e. organisation and development of sales in the Russian market.

In this context "interim management" is understood to mean fine tuning the business's operation until it is functioning one hundred percent.

In the setting up process ISOEMO manages the business equally for sales and for its development, and at the same time taking care of selection and training of personnel.

After completion of the setting up and fine tuning stage, ISOEMO withdraws. The ISOEMO team is replaced by personnel who have been selected, tested and trained by our team on the job. In this way the company's work is not interrupted and there is no drop in the staff’s performance.

Why is ISOEMO needed?

Usually opening a representative office begins with the most complicated task: to find a top manager capable of managing a Russian business, conversant with the specifics of the Russian market, Russian state organisations and the principles of working with Russian authorities.

The task facing this manager is to quickly form a team of top echelon, capable executives who, in turn, will quickly and efficiently get the company up and running and, most importantly, secure for the company highly-motivated personnel, capable of working effectively and focussed on results.

A further complication is the development and introduction of the "correct" incentive scheme, which as a rule is very different from a western model, where one of the basic elements is simply the appreciation of the availability of work itself. Unfortunately, in Russia the very fact of the availability of work, even well-paid work, does not constitute an incentive in itself.

As a rule this process - the setting up process - takes a considerable time (from 12 to 24, and sometimes even 30 months). Statistics show that during this period of time the company works much less effectively than in the subsequent period. This means that during the setting up period of the branch or representative office the owner will suffer significant losses.

The ISOEMO Solution.

ISOEMO offers a coherent, experienced team of top managers who are capable of managing all the key departments of a big company (from accountancy to marketing and financial control) from day one, and obtaining good results - similar to those obtained by companies, branches or representatives offices after their setting up period.

Our company pays particular attention to efficiency, productivity and economy. It could be said that these are the three engines which drive our activity.

Our team performs not only the routine activities in supporting the productivity of the business, but first and foremost it develops and introduces schemes and methods to enable all the company's production and business processes to be systematised, simplifying as far as possible the interaction of all the elements of the structure.

Such an approach to the organisation of work brings a significant reduction in costs and increase in profitability for the client company right from the very start.

In parallel, as we already mentioned, the search and careful selection of personnel of all levels is proceeding. After the selection procedure has been completed, the selected personnel are trained and "coached" by our colleagues, which ensures that after the setting up process has been completed the company is handed over to the client as turnkey with the guarantee of efficient working after the ISOEMO team have left.

At the very beginning it is possible when the owner (or head of the company) has not yet finally decided about its activity in the Russian market, we are prepared, in the interests of economy, to work not only with our own resources, but in our premises. This would significantly reduce the initial costs, and at the same time, the risks.

In cases when in principle the decision has not yet been taken about opening up the Russian market, we are prepared (and again, 100 percent with our resources) to do all the necessary work to research the market and its possibilities, conduct preliminary negotiations with potential suppliers, distributors, authorities etc.

We will choose and suggest the most appropriate option for premises, either rented or for purchase, organise and devise logistics schemes for delivery of goods, both from abroad, taking into account customs formalities, and from within Russia.

In this way we are ready to offer you the hire of an experienced team of competent executives, capable of quickly, efficiently and economically resolving the whole spectrum of challenges for your company to work very profitably!

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