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Advertising and PR are a part of the marketing function. This is an activity which should be undertaken after market research. It is precisely the combination of activities which helps ISOEMO clients get closer to their ultimate goal.

For a high level media presence a unique company style is needed. ISOEMO will undertake the development of the whole package from design of the logo and business cards to advertising banners and graphic design. An important image component which ISOEMO works on is the company website, which must be designed in the same style. For foreign companies ISOEMO adapts the company's existing style for the Russian market.

ISOEMO works with its client companies both with advertising agencies and owners of advertising space and also as an independent owner of space on which the biggest international companies advertise.

ISOEMO works closely with the Russian society of journalists and is developing different arrangements for achieving publicity.

The development of PR campaigns is a fundamental factor necessary for obtaining a constant media presence for ISOEMO clients and also for minimising expenditure on an advertising campaign.

Places for advertising include newspapers, magazines, television, the internet, billboards, and also unconventional locations.

Activities for creating a media presence are varied and basically ISOEMO uses creative individual ideas but uses also standard methods such as conferences, exhibitions and promotion shows.

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