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Personnel selection is part of the HR management function.

ISOEMO specializes in the selection of administrative personnel, from the office manager up to the general director.

As a rule, candidates are primed by recruiting agencies to give correct answers to their clients' questions so that the company will take on the candidate, and beyond that they are not interested how the appointment works out.

To acquaint you with the quality of the ISOEMO team's work, each of the functions, either individually or in a customised package, can be provided as a stand-alone service.

In contrast with such agencies, ISOEMO's activities include oprational control of the clients' businesses, and in some companies ISOEMO's own resources are employed, therefore future colleagues are selected with great care.

Our aim is not to find somebody as quickly as possible and get paid quickly. Our aim is to find a candidate with whose work our client will really be satisfied, and to build a long term working relationship.

In addition to the standard generally accepted selection procedures, ISOEMO employs methods such as testing the candidates directly in the working environment (using ISOEMO's own resources), and monitoring the candidates’ behaviour and results during the probationary period in the client's company. This monitoring is carefully analysed and, depending on the results, our specialists recommend that the candidate stay or they suggest a replacement. All replacements of candidates within a period of one year are made without further charge to the client.

Based on our own experience over many years, we have compiled a set of personal qualities which are independent of the post to be filled, and we use these to make the preliminary selection.

Check of Qualities

We look for qualities in the candidate such as: - loyalty, responsibility, punctuality, mental agility, emotional stability, and other qualities needed for the candidate to carry out his or her duties effectively.

A Test Day

A candidate may exaggerate his capabilities during an interview; therefore there is no better check than a normal working day. The candidate is offered a test day in the ISOEMO office. During the test day the candidate is given duties appropriate to the position, and his skills and personal qualities are tested under real conditions. 90% of candidates do not pass the test day, for various reasons - from professional unsuitability to the typical failure to follow instructions given at the beginning of the day.

A Test Day in Your Company

The second stage is a test day in your company. As a result of the day you decide whether or not to take the candidate for a probationary period. If not, then we examine the reasons together and amend the selection criteria for the next candidate's test day. The candidates are not paid for the test days. In this way they are tested while trying to get a job in your company.

During the test period we conduct a further search for candidates. Test days are not sufficient for fully assessing an employee's work. These days are necessary in order to eliminate candidates who are definitely unsuitable for your company. If, during the probationary period, you learn that the employee is unsuitable, we examine the reasons and offer you alternatives to come for a test day.

Replacement of candidates during the course of the year without charge is a standard condition.

ISOEMO develops sophisticated HR management systems and incentive schemes based on the individual requirements of each client. We study and analyse your requirements. We study the current situation and develop unique solutions for each client. All methods of management and motivation are developed taking into account elements which are specifically Russian, such as: employment legislation, taxation and Russian employee mentality.

We work a lot with international companies and cooperate with the federal immigration services to arrange for non-Russian citizens to work in Russia. Usually this is for top mangers and company directors.

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