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ISOEMO is one of the new generation management companies. Our top priority is trust-based management of a business. At the heart of the services we provide lies the understanding that each business consists of a defined set of functions which are practically the same for all businesses. (See list of basic functions with a short "explanation of aims" for each).

The complete operational management of the companies (production, affiliated companies, subsidiaries etc.). In this case the setting of strategic goals and working to achieve them is carried out be the owner of the commercial organization independently. ISOEMO can take part in developing and realizing strategic goals as a consultant and an executive, but not taking on the responsibility for the correctness of the chosen strategic goals and the means of achieving them. Financial control, in this case, is "notional” and is limited to introduction and optimisation of the bookkeeping and tax assessment. All payments are authorized by the owner or his delegate.

Since "operational management” consists of the standard range of functions, each one, either individually or in a customised package, can be provided as a stand-alone service (for instance with the aim of acquainting you with ISOEMO’S principles and quality of work).

Purchasing, supply of raw material and/or equipment for production, the office etc.
Maintaining in working condition and protecting the material resources of the company from damage or deterioration.
External and internal document processing, management assistants' work, optimisation of information flow within the organization
Production and Process Management
Market research, research of the competitive environment, user demand, canvassing, and events directed at increasing sales.
Development, introduction and implementation of short, medium and long term advertising and PR campaigns, creation of a database, ensuring media presence, building and reinforcement of image, formulation of a company style etc.
Improvement in competitiveness, development of strategies and planning expansion of the business, increase in market share, access to new markets Diversification of the business, investment etc.
Selection of personnel (by efficiency), adaptation, motivation, training.
Reduction of expenditure by avoiding and by correcting mistakes, the use of lawful methods of optimisation of tax assessment, and investigation into the possibility of receiving grants, etc
Introduction of the most efficient computer and telecommunication technology, and the efficient use of computers and networks.
Ensuring the activities of the company are lawful and at the same time improving the effectiveness of contracts, including those with employees. This includes, as an absolute priority the protection of property rights.
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