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The most widespread, and at the same time most fundamental reason, for the inefficient operation of companies in Russia is the low productivity of employees of all levels, from the director right down to the cleaner.

What is particularly alarming in a company showing low efficiency is the lack of competence of employees working at operational or strategic levels, i.e. middle and senior management. Apart from typical "Russian" problems (such as various types of agreement with bureaucrats and civil servants) there is the problem of the "lack of a personnel policy". The ISOEMO team comes across this frequently. Low standards or incorrectly ranked priorities in the HR department (staff selection, motivation etc.), gives rise to a situation where, instead of one employee doing all he can to conscientiously fulfil his responsibilities with regard to a particular function, the company select two or three and each of them works at an efficiency level of no more than 20%!

In cases like this members of the ISOEMO team temporarily take up the position in question, replacing incompetent or inefficient employees.

At the same time, selection and training of personnel is undertaken and an incentive scheme is introduced.

The next most widespread cause of inefficiency in companies in the Russian Federation is the inefficient expenditure of money and irrational and inefficient use of resources.

When this situation is encountered, the ISOEMO team:

meticulously, and in the finest detail, studies the lines and principles of expenditure, and develops and implements a plan, replacing unwise expenditure with a rational approach;

our team studies, in similar detail, the principles obehind the use of resources, and develops and introduces a plan for rational and more efficient use of these resources.

If the causes of the crisis are an incorrect marketing policy or an incorrect strategy of approaching the market, we study the background and develop and introduce mechanisms to correct the mistake.

We are purely results orientated, and in the majority of cases are paid upon achieving a positive result!

The cost of anticrisis management is determined on a case-by-case basis. It is possible to consider alternatives involving ISOEMO taking a share of the company by way of "payment" for is services.

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