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The bookkeeping function is fundamental for conducting the business of a company.

ISOEMO provides professional bookkeeping support from preparation of a trial balance to complex support of trading and production enterprises.

ISOEMO draws up the annual budgets in accordance with previously established plans and meticulously controls the expenditure.

To acquaint you with the quality of the ISOEMO team's work, each of the functions, either individually or in a customised package, can be provided as a stand-alone service.

A very important component is the reduction of expenditure by avoiding and by correcting mistakes, the use of lawful methods of optimisation of tax assessment, and the use of all possible allowances and subsidies.

On the whole ISOEMO's clients are international companies and therefore accountancy services can include import-export transactions, the preparation of specific documentation required under Russian legislation for such transactions and the recovery of VAT and customs formalities.

ISOEMO takes full financial liability for its actions and recommendations.

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