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Someone has to look after everything of value, to arrange repairs quickly when faults occur in equipment or items are damaged, and to take responsibility for keeping everything in good order.

As a rule the IT department takes responsibility for computers and office technology, but in ISOEMO the administration department takes on this responsibility. This is particularly important in the case of a big office or a whole building.

To acquaint you with the quality of the ISOEMO team's work, each of the functions, either individually or in a customised package, can be provided as a stand-alone service.

For big premises ISOEMO keeps account of office assets using the modern RFID technology. Small paper tags containing information about the item are attached to all items of value and if the item is taken out of the office without authorisation, this is immediately discovered. Using portable readers it is possible to determine an item's presence or absence in the office without touching it. Everything is linked into one electronic audit system.

The operations support department also ensures that the everyday needs of the company's management are met. Particularly if the founders or managers of the company are foreign citizens and are living for a long period in Russia, this service is indispensable; this and the services of a personal driver, and simple help in solving everyday problems.

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