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ISOEMO is one of the new generation management companies. Our main activity is the interim management of a business.

  • placement of capital and management of investment;
  • conducting negotiations regarding the purchase and sale of companies;
  • cost reductions;
  • tax planning and taxation advice;
  • identification and elimination of bookkeeping errors;
  • improvement in the efficiency of employees;
  • personnel selection using our own well-tried methods, greatly increasing the selection efficiency;
  • the introduction of well-developed incentive schemes taking into account the specifics of each business;
  • optimisation of production processes;
  • market research;
  • building and reinforcement of the right image;
  • development and introduction of advertising and PR;
  • creation of a database;
  • ensuring a media presence;
  • increasing turnover;
  • increasing sales;
  • increase in market share;
  • access to new markets;
  • creating from scratch affiliates and branches which are capable of working at maximum efficiency from day one;
  • additional income from optimisation of cash flow.

In short - increased profit!

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