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ISOEMO is one of the new generation management companies. Our main activity is the interim management of a business.

To acquaint you with the quality of the ISOEMO team's work, each of the functions, either individually or in a customised package, can be provided as a stand-alone service.

At the heart of the services we provide lies the understanding that each business consists of a defined set of functions which are practically the same for all businesses.

Registration and the opening of local offices, branches and affiliates. Creating from scratch affiliates and branches which are capable of working at maximum efficiency from day one. Cost reductions.
Personnel selection using our own well-tried procedures, greatly increasing the selection efficiency. The introduction of well-developed incentive schemes taking into account the specifics of each business. Personnel training
Taxation advice. Identification and elimination of bookkeeping errors. Improvement in the efficiency of employees
Outstaffing - improvement in employee numbers, for instance to impress foreign partners!!! Optimisation of production processes Configuration and introduction of IT systems
Market research Creation and reinforcement of the desired image Development of advertising and PR companies
Creation of an information field Ensuring a media presence Increase in turnover
Increase in sales volume Increase in market share Access to new markets
Cost reductions , with optimisation of cash flow        

The work is carried out by a team of the most experienced professionals led by two successful businessmen who have personally created more than one successful business from scratch.

We offer three management services packages:

Strategic Management

– complete management of the business, including strategic goals such as expansion of the business, increasing market share, access to new markets etc. This package includes financial control with long term cash flow agreements with the owners of the business (there is no large financial operation that can be undertaken without the owners' agreement. The amounts requiring the owners' agreement are determined by the owners themselves and embodied in the agreement).

Tactical Management

– the complete operational management of companies (production, affiliated companies, subsidiaries etc.). In this case the setting of strategic goals and working to achieve them is carried out by the owner of the commercial organization independently. ISOEMO can take part in developing and realising strategic goals as a consultant and an executive, but not taking on the responsibility for the correctness of the chosen strategic goals and the means of achieving them. Financial control, in this case, is "notional" and is limited to introduction and optimisation of the bookkeeping and tax assessment. All payments are authorized by the owner or his delegate.

Anticrisis Management

Measures for the anticrisis management of companies comprise, first of all, of a detailed study of the situation and establishment of the causes of the crisis. After establishing the causes, a plan is developed for dealing with them, and the next stage is for the ISOEMO team to put this plan into effect, taking on responsibility for the results.

ISOEMO can provide operational management by means of the aforementioned packages. ISOEMO "comes" into the company with its team of experienced executives, who, for a period of time agreed with the client, work directly on the client's premises taking up key positions (managers of the relevant departments) within the company, and at the same time selection and training of personnel takes place, including for the above positions. In this way, after the results which have been agreed with the client have been achieved, the ISOEMO team departs, leaving behind it a fully-fledged, trained and highly qualified replacement, already working under a service contract and under conditions which meet with the approval of the owner of the business.

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