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The marketing function is essential in order to build long term plans, seek out new sales niches and research a concrete sales environment, and on the basis of the findings, take action.

For their clients ISOEMO investigates competitors in the market, tendencies in the market and competitors in the labour market. We can also identify the strong and weak aspects of the company as well as propose and bring to life an action plan for improving the company's performance.

To acquaint you with the quality of the ISOEMO team's work, each of the functions, either individually or in a customised package, can be provided as a stand-alone service.

ISOEMO develops new sales markets, new competitive products or services, and plans for stimulating demand for its clients' products.

After conducting market research, ISOEMO prepares a plan of measures which need to be implemented to achieve the chosen goal. The plan itself is the final stage of ISOEMO' s research.

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